Insulating glass

Insulating glass. Shengli Architectural Glass Plant, professionalizes in manufacturing, marketing, and service of Sealed insulating glass door and window with insert blind driven by magnetic induction as well as curtain wall engineering.


Gas cylinder

seamless steel gas cylinders, aluminum alloy gas cylinders, composite gas cylinders, acetylene cylinders, which can be filled with Oxygen Gas, Carbon Dioxide Gas, Argon Gas, Acetylene Gas etc.


Gas Generator set

Natural Gas Genset, Biogas Genset, Coal Mine Gas Genset, Biomass Genset, Coal Gas/Producer Gas Genset, Low BTU Gas Genset, Gas Engines.


Petroleum Equipment

Pumping unit, Sucker rod, Tubing and casing, Drill pipe, Wellhead and Christmas tree, Drilling mud additives, Drilling Fluids and Chemicals.


Ceramic Media

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads, Zirconium Silicate Beads, Alumina Grinding Ball ---Polishing, Surface Treat; Microgrinding & Microdispersion Beads; Ceram fused ceramic beads;
Ceramic Proppant---Fracture Filling for Oil and Gas Wells. Hydraulic fracturing process of natural gas and oil wells.

Abrasive materials

Brown Fused Alumina, Sand paper, Cutting wheels, Diamond Flexible Polishing Pads, Diamond Saw Segment.



Adhesive Cloth tape and Masking film

Duct tape use for Heavy packaging, Ducting, Masking, Repairing, Painting and Stationery. Fluorescent cloth tape, Camouflage cloth tape, Matt cloth tape, Striped cloth tape, Easy tear cloth tape.



Anti Fog Film

SLAA Anti-Fog film is designed for applications that require continuous glass clarity and fog reduction. Fogging of transparent surfaces typically occurs when water vapor condenses as tiny water droplets onto a cooler transparent glass surface.



Precision Cutting Wheels

These rubber bonded cutting wheels can be used for wet cutting and air-cool cutting. They are manufactured to higher tolerances than resin wheels both on flatness and thickness.



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