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SLAA Anti-Fog film is designed for applications that require continuous glass clarity and fog reduction. Fogging of transparent surfaces typically occurs when water vapor condenses as tiny water droplets onto a cooler transparent glass surface. Collectively, these water droplets scatter visual light and can dramatically reduce the transparency of an otherwise optically clear surface.
SLAA Anti-Fog film coating technology uses a permanent hydrophilic coating layer that reduces the surface tension of the glass. This causes the isolated water droplets to collect and spread into a uniform ultra thin layer, which is visually more transparent.


SLAA Anti-Fog film is designed for following applications:
Hotels and office window and mirror
  Steam rooms and saunas windows and mirror
Indoor pool and spa enclosures
Car window and mirror
Motorbike Helmets and Swimming Goggles
When stick Anti fog film on the bathroom mirror, the mirror will be magic without any fog.

Car Window glass
Bathroom mirror
Motorbike Helmets
Swimming Goggles


Products available
1. Super Mirror: PET Anti fog treatment film without adhesive coating, the magic result without any fog on mirror. So the Super Mirror really a magic no fog mirror, anti fogging bathroom mirror.
2. Anti fog of PET protective film which coated Acrylic adhesive ( Strong adhesive force )
3. Anti fog of PET protective film which coated Silicone adhesive ( Easy to peel off )

How to Apply the Anti fog Film
In case film surface got dirty, anti-fog performance might be reduced.
Do not wipe the film with rough material like loofah, it might cause the scratch.
The stain might be remained unless you remove water drop with enclosed squeegee.
There might be air bubble by installation circumstances.
Do not use organic solvent like benzene, thinner when cleansing.
Do not use enclosed wet tissue to human body.
You can have better effect if you clean the film surface with enclosed fabric after peeling off the no.2 sticker.
The anti fog effect is decreasing in about 6 months, but it might be shorter under the circumstances which has lots of dust and huge temperature difference.
You can have longer life time under dry environment.

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