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Super Mirror for Bathroom Anti fog
A Magic anti fog sheet stick on bathroom mirror.
Super Mirror easy bring in your Travel bag.
Simply apply the static cling frame to the mirror.
Without any adhesive residual after remove.
Super Mirror can be removed and reapply to other mirror.

Super Mirror for Travel with static cling frame without adhesive.
The backing static cling frame without any adhesive, easy bring to any hotel bathroom mirror for travel usage.
Super Mirror for Home with No residual adhesive.
The backing stick Japanese adhesive tapes with remove no residual adhesive, use for home bathroom mirror.


Magic clear bathroom mirror even in the steamiest conditions;
Uses no adhesives - remove no residue;
Can be moved and reapply;
Easy bring into the Travel bag;
Use anywhere on any mirror - homes, dorm rooms, business trips


Super Mirror Size
250mmHeight x 200mmWidth

To see the Video how to use the Super Mirror >> 

To see the Video how to use the Super Mirror >> 

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