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Ceramic Proppant
Widely used ceramic proppant for a broad range of applications;
Fracture conductivity to moderate depths, ideal for oil reserves;
Moderately permeable wells with closure stresses to 14,000 psi;
Conductivity in deep and hostile downhole environments.
Ceramic Proppant,Oil Ceramic Proppant,Oil Fracturing Proppant,CARBO,CarboProp
The series of ceramic proppant are necessary for oil and gas field exploitation by hydrofracturing method.
To meet the market needs we designed and manufactured three rotary kiln production lines incorporating world advanced technologies and our practical experiences, to form three independent production blocks. We adhere to the way of combined learning and R&D while production, and since developed low density high strength (DG), mid density high strength (ZG), high density high strength (GG) series ceramic proppants with many specifications for varying needs of fracturing exploitation and clog relieve in different well depths and different geological structures according to design requirements. Higher output was achieved by practical use of our proppant.
Our current output of high strength ceramic proppant is 50,000 tons per year.

A¡¢High intensity - L-density ceramic proppant(GD)
     Grit Size: 20/40
     Grit Size: 30/50
B¡¢High intensity - M-density ceramic proppant(GZ)
     Grit Size: 12/18
     Grit Size: 16/20
     Grit Size: 30/50
     Grit Size: 16/30
     Grit Size: 20/40
C¡¢High intensity - H-density ceramic proppant(GG)
     Grit Size: 0.3/0.6
     Grit Size: 0.85/0.425

Oil Ceramic Proppant;
Oil Fracturing Proppant.
Our ceramic proppants are used in the hydraulic fracturing process to increase the productivity of new and existing natural gas and oil wells. See our product data section for more information, including specifications and usage. The products as CARBO products CarboProp.


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