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Rubber Bond Super-thin Cut-off Wheels
Precision Cutting Wheels
Precision Grinding Wheels
Exact and burr-free nicks in your dies.
Rubber bond cutting wheels of high durability to cut high quality nicks into cutting rules.

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Acuthin cut-off Wheels
Ultrathin cut-off Wheel
Precision Grinding Wheels
Precise, Efficient Cutting, Part after part
These rubber bonded Ultrathin cut-off Wheels can be used for wet cutting and air-cool cutting. They are manufactured to higher tolerances than resin wheels both on flatness and thickness.

About Us

Profile of Shengli Abrasives Plant
Shengli Abrasives Plant is a subsidiary of Prime Import and Export Limited Company. We are the manufacturer and exporter of abrasive materials & abrasive tools. As one of the leading abrasives manufacturers in mainland China, we have exported our products to more than 20 countries and regions in the world. In particular, we offer:
1. Abrasives Grain
Brown Fused Alumina (Brown Aluminum Oxide)
F16-F1500 grit size for bonded abrasive tools
P16-P1500 grit size for coated abrasive tools......    More>>