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Rubber Bond Super-thin Cut-off Wheels
Precision Cutting Wheels
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Exact and burr-free nicks in your dies.
Rubber bond cutting wheels of high durability to cut high quality nicks into cutting rules.

These rubber bonded cutting wheels can be used for wet cutting and air-cool cutting. They are manufactured to higher tolerances than resin wheels both on flatness and thickness. Their reduced thickness means that they are good for cutting materials, both ferrous and non ferrous metals where loss of material is important and quality of finish needs to be very good .The cool cutting gives a high quality finish and saves time on grinding and polishing. These wheels are especially useful for cutting stainless and cutting titanium tube samples.

Rubber bonded Cuting wheels for steel rules HRC 50

Outer Diameter: 35mm, 50 mm, 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm;
Inner Diameter: 6mm,7mm,8mm,6:9mm,22mm,25.4mm;
Thickness: 0,1/0,2/0,3/0,4/0,5/0,6/0,7/0,8/1,0/–2,0mm/2,5mm/3,0mm;
Material composition: A120LR-B1 and A90/OR-A3;
Tolerance of thickness: max. -0,02 up to -0,03 mm;
Tolerance of inner diameter: max. + 0,1 up to + 0,2 mm;


Stone3s Rubber Bond wheels are manufactured to close tolerances, enabling the ultimate in precision. Cut-off wheels are formulated to slot and cut a wide range of materials and are ideally suited for applications where fast, accurate, consistent cutting is required with minimum heat build-up. Wet cutting with Shengli Rubber Bond wheels is the most efficient method to cut and provide a clean, burr free surface without altering the characteristics of the material.


Shengli Abrasives provides a full range of rubber bonded cut-off wheels, from .004” (0.1mm) in thickness to .185" (4.7mm) and from 1.38” (35mm) to 20” (510mm) in diameter. All of our wheels are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are custom formulated for your application.