Sucker Rod Pump
Composed by the pump assembly, standing valve assembly and the plunger assembly, tubing pump is named for the tube device (including the tube pump, the extension joints, etc.) directly connected to the tubing by thread. It has the following characteristics:
1. Larger OD than the rod pump under the same tubing bore, preferable for large displacement wells
2. Solid structure and big flow area, better for viscous crude oil production.
3. Suitable for shallow and deep wells with larger displacement.
(Dimensions) 25-150TH 25-175TH 25-225TH 30-275TH 30-325TH 30-375TH
NDmm 38.10 44.45 57.15 69.85 82.55 95.25
Plunger Lmm 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
U thread 27/8TBG 27/8TBG 27/8TBG 31/2TBG 31/2TBG 31/2TBG
L thread 2 7/8TBG 2 7/8TBG 2 7/8TBG 2 7/8TBG 31/2TBG 3 1/2TBG
T thread CYG19 CYG19 CYG19 CYG22 CYG22 CYG25.4
Max ODmm 88.9 88.9 88.9 107 117 117
Pump Constant 1.633 2.190 3.694 5.542 7.707 10.361
Max Depth 3500 2700 2100 1600 1300 1100
Because plunger is linked with rod moving together up and down, and pump barrel is fixed at the top or the bottom by fixtures, the pump characterizes as follows:
1. Free from the tensile load caused by weight of the oil column, the pump barrel only bears external pressure which favors deep wells, for small gap changes between pump and plunger.
2. Comparing with other standardized pumps for deep wells, it has higher resistance for compression break or bending deformation.
3. Due to the effects that pump body swinging around the fixtures at the bottom, it can be used in deviated wells.
4. It is not suitable for long stroke pump, nor sand wells, because easy sand accumulation in the annular space between the pump and tubing would result in pump wedging.
spec 25-150RHBC 25-175RHBC
NDmm 38.10 44.45
PLmm 1200 1200
UT 27/8TBG 27/8TBG
LT 2 7/8TBG 2 7/8TBG
(m) Extension 0.6 0.6
Max ODmm 56.64 56.64
  1.633 2.190
Max D (m) 3500 2700

3. Tubing pump for sand control
By reducing the inflow of sand, sand burying and wedging are prevented, lower wearing and longer service life could be attained.
Applicated to Sand volume less than 0.08% of the total mount

spec 30-150THF 30-175THF 30-225THF
ODmm 38.10 44.45 57.15
UT 31/2TBG 31/2TBG 31/2TBG
LT 2 7/8TBG 2 7/8TBG 2 7/8TBG
Max OD(mm) 108 108 117
  2.190 2.190 3.694
Max D 2700 2700 2100
4. Mechanical pump
Plunger adopts double mechanical valves. Valves could be forced to close under mechanical force. Featured with tight and prompt sealing. Applied to Sand, deviated, wax, lag sealing wells, and Viscosity below 5000mPa.s wells
spec 25-225THJ 30-275THJ
ND(mm) 57.15 69.85
UPL(mm) 300 300
LPL(mm) 900 900
UT 2 7/8TBG 31/2TBG
LT 2 7/8TBG 2 7/8TBG
Max OD(mm) 88.9 107
  3.694 5.542
Max D 2100 1600
5.Tubing pump for deviated well
Conventional valves are replaced with spring valves.
During the production, valves are shut down by the spring stress. Tilt less than 450 is suitable.
Prompt sealing realized
Plunger partial wear eliminated
Life circle and volume capability promoted
spec 25-175THX 25-225THX
ND (mm) 44.45 57.15
PL (mm) 900 900
UT 27/8TBG 27/8TBG
LT 2 7/8TBG 2 7/8TBG
Max OD (mm) 88.9 88.9
  2.190 3.694
Max D (m) 2700 2100
Simplify connection process; Reduce operation time; Strengthen reliability. Applied to large displacement wells.
spec 30-325THPT 30-375THPT
ND (mm) 82.55 95.25
PL (mm) 1200 1200
UT 31/2TBG 31/2TBG
LT 31/2TBG 3 1/2TBG
RT CYG25.4 CYG25.4
Max OD (mm) 117 117
  7.707 10.361
Max D (m) 1300 1100
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