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 Compressed Natrual Gas Steel Cylinder for Vehicle
PRIME Compressed Natrual Gas Steel Cylinder for vehicle is produced according to ISO11493(E) standard. For its advantages of cleanliness and energy economizing, CNG Gas Cylinder are more and more acceptable for customers from many regions and countries. With the high-quality and top-ranking service, our products have obtained good repute. In the futher, we will spare no effort making our CNG Gas Cylinder to be Worldwide well-known brand depending on the favour of new and old clients and the cooperation with each other.

Compressed Natrual Gas Steel Cylinder for Vehicle
Type Water Capacity (L) Outside Diameter (mm) Weight (Kg) Length (mm) Working Pressure Test Pressure (Mpa)

DesignWall Thinkness (mm)

CNG20-20-232 20 232 28 650 20Mpa 30Mpa 6.0 34CrMo4
CNG20-28-232 28 232 36 860
CNG20-34-232 34 279 55 1077 6.1 30CrMo
CNG20-50-279 50 60 1168 6.4
CNG20-60-279 60 65 1260
CNG20-70-279 70 73 1442
CNG20-75-279 75 80 1575
CNG20-80-279 80 85 1667
CNG20-57-356 57 356 69 800 7.5 34CrMo4
CNG20-77-356 77 85 1020
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