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Generally, coking gas, refinery waste gas or other gases discharge into the air directly resulting in air pollution. ShengLi Power Machinery gas engine run on Natural Gas or a variety of specialty waste gases, including Coal Methane, Landfill Gas, Petroleum Associated gas, Biogas, Rice husk Producer Gas, Coal gas, Syngas, Coking Gas, Blast furnace exhause gas and industrial waste gases. Shengli gas engine can widely used in oil field, coal mine, chemical plant, metallurgy, alcohol factory, ferment factory garbage fill and sewage disposal factory and so on.
Generator sets: on site power generation on demand
Natural Gas Engine: 1190NT drive the pumping unit directly in oilfield;
Natural Gas Generator set: Ranging from 30kVA to over 750Kva;
Biogas Generator set, Landfill gas Generator set: Ranging from 50kVA to over 625Kva;
Biomass Generator set: Ranging from 75kVA to over 625Kva;
Coal Mine Methane Generator set: CMM use in IC engines at coal mine, Electric power 625Kva/500kw.
Producer Coal Gas Generator set: Cool & Clean Gasifier Power Station;
Low BTU Gas Generator set: Coking gas Generator set;Refinery gas Generator set; Coke oven gas Generator set;Synthetical gas Generator set.

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Main products: Biomass gensets, Coal Mine Methane Fueled gensets, LOW BTU Gas gensets, Natural gas engine
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