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LOW BTU Gas gensets
Coking gas, Refinery gas, Coke oven gas or Synthetical gasSpecial gases are normally waste gases from industrial or gasification processes. Using them as fuels for combustion engines represents and important contribution to the protection of the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels and the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. There is considerable potential for the disposal of industrial waste gases, hydrogen, wood pyrolysis gases and flare gas through gas engine power generation technology.
Shengli engines are not only renowned for being able to operate on gases with extremely low calorific value or low methane number, but also gases with a very high calorific value. For example, the cooking process produces coke, coke gas and tar. The main constituents of coke gas are hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide. The coke gas must be purified to remove the tar only before it can be used to fuel the Shengli engine.

500GF1-7RJ LOW BTU gas generator set

Description/ Genset Type 500GF1-4RJA 500GF1-RYm 500GF1-3RJA 500GF1-RQ
Kind of Fuel Coke oven gas Coke oven gas Shale Gas Syn-Gas
Electrical Output (kw) 400 400 500 500
Voltage (V) 400 400 400 400
Current (A) 721 721 902 902
Engine Type J12V190DD J12V190DD-C Ym12V190DK /
Aspiration Turbocharged
Inter cooled
Inter cooled
Inter cooled
Arrangement of cylinder V-12,
Bore/Stroke (mm) 190/210 190/210 190/210 190/210
Engine Speed (rpm) 1500 1500 1500 1500
Fuel consumption(MJ/kWh) 10.50 10.50 10.50 11.25
Exhaust temp. (℃) 550 550 550 550
Ignition mode Spark-Ignited Spark-Ignited Spark-Ignited Spark-Ignited
Starting Mode 24V DC Power 24V DC Power 24V DC Power 24V DC Power
Voltage regulation Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Insulation Class F Class F Class F Class F
Excitement Brushless excited Brushless excited Brushless excited Brushless excited
Length (mm) 5506 5177 5177 5177
Width (mm) 1970 1970 1970 1970
Height (mm) 2698 2234 2234 2234
Weight Empty (kg) 13500 13000 12500 12500
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