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Natural gas engine-1190NT
Model 1190NT natural gas engine is a single cylinder horizontally arranged, four stroke, condensing cooling and ignition internal combustion engine. It consists chiefly of cylinder block assembly, cylinder head assembly, crankshaft assembly, piston and connecting rod assembly, and camshaft and gear train, ignition unit, speed governing system, intake and exhaust system, and auxiliary system like lubrication, cooling and starting system. The Natural gas engine is a kind of power machinery that operates on combustible gaseous fuels like gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Taking a four stroke spark ignited natural gas engine as an example, the working process is illustrated in fig.

1190NT Natural gas engine

Natural Gas Engine Specification
Model 1190NT 1190NT-1 1190NDT
Bore (mm) 190
Stroke (mm) 210
Rated speed r/min 750 850
Idle speed r/min 450
Rated power(12h)kW 25 25 30
Max. Torque N.m 352
Mean piston speed, m/s 5.25 5.95
Displacement, L 5.954
Compression Ratio 8:1
Heat consumption, MJ/kWh 15.22 14
Fuel pressure, kPa 30~300
Lube oil consumption, g/kWh ≤1.5
Overall dimensions (L×B×H) mm 1490×1240×1225 1490×900×1225
Net weight, kg 1300 1250
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