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Producer Coal Gas Gensets
Cool & Clean Gasifier Power StationCoal gasifier is a uninterrupted gas producing system which is whole water jacket. The gasification agent, which is the mixture of are and the gasifier Self-produced steam, comes into the gasifier through the check valve at he gasifier bottom. The coal is broken into the size of 13-25mm or 25-50mm and fed into the gasifier for gasification. The coal gas produced in the gasifier is purified by gravity dust cleaner and cyclone dust cleaner and transferred to the shengdong Coal gas fueled engine to generate electricity.

500GF1-RFm Coal gas generator set

Description/ Genset Type 500GF1-RFm Coal Gas Fueled Genset
Electrical Output (kw) 500 Ignition mode Spark-Ignited
Voltage (V) 400 Starting Mode 24V DC Power
Engine Type Fm12V190ZLDK-2 Total Displacement (Lit) 71.45
Aspiration Turbocharged Inter cooled Insulation Class F
Arrangement of cylinder V-12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Excitement Brushless excited
Bore (mm) 190/210 Length (mm) 5344(5506)
Mean piston speed (m/sec) 580 Width (mm) 1970
Engine Speed (rpm) 1500(1000) Height (mm) 2970
Fuel consumption (MJ/kWh) 12 Weight Empty (kg) 12500
Coal gas should be purified before burning in engine
Coal gas temperature ≤40℃
Coal gas pressure 3-10kPa; Fluctuate rate of pressure ≤1kPa/min
Moisture≤40g/Nm3 and heat value minimum 4MJ/Nm3
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